Essential vertical expertise
for generating returns

Against a backdrop of the hospitality industry’s transformation, marked by changing consumer expectations, widespread digitalization and the growing presence of new forms of competition, more than ever before expert knowledge, combining a number of vertical skills, is needed to generate returns while creating value.

Structured as a management platform, Honotel Développement’s team of business experts are able to effectively take on all aspects of hotel operational management for hospitality assets: commercial development, cost optimization, human resources, regulatory compliance, facilities maintenance and corporate social responsibility. Directly in touch with its market, Honotel Développement’s team is particularly responsive, which has enabled it to successfully manage nearly 90 hotels in different environments since 2000.

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Commercial development

Commercial strategy further strengthened by Happyculture

In addition to its outstanding expertise across all distribution channels, its sustainable contracts with commercial clients, its specific prospecting actions and its intense yield management policy, Honotel Développement’s commercial strategy has been ramped up with the launch of Happyculture, the hospitality concept focused on developing the customer experience. All the hotels managed by Honotel Développement have now adopted the Happyculture Collection label and are presented on the dedicated site

Alongside this, by capitalizing on the multifunctional capabilities of its hotels’ facilities, Honotel Développement is focused on developing Food and Beverage and Seminar activities.

Optimizing performance

Management platform at the heart of financial performance optimization

For over 15 years, Honotel Développement’s management platform has provided hotel managers with all the support needed to optimize their establishment’s financial performance. It also enables them to benefit from economies of scale through group contracts and sets out the management standards to be respected for each hotel in terms of fixed and variable costs.

In addition, the management platform supports managers with their hotel’s human resources policy, regulatory compliance management and maintenance.

Outstanding ESR approach

Outstanding ESR approach

While the social, societal and environmental consequences of its activities have always been taken into account in the Group’s strategy, Honotel Développement has positioned its ESR policy at the heart of the Happyculture business development project.

Since Happyculture was launched in 2016, Honotel Développement has been committed to a ESR approach to drive progress, engaging all its teams on a day-to-day basis.