19 years of performance
in the hospitality industry

Together with theirs associates and team, Honotel leaders are committed to supporting institutional investors, investment funds, hotel groups and private wealth in the hospitality sector. The performances of Honotel highlight the strong value added with its complete range of bespoke services.

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Group's first steps

After successfully heading up the French subsidiary of the Best Western hotel franchise group for four years, Antoine de Bouchony and Laurent Lapouille joined forces to achieve hospitality private equity deals.

Together, the three leaders managed Paris-Honotel and took on the asset and operational management of a portfolio of 3 and 4-star hotels in Paris, further strengthening it as new opportunities arose.


Divestment of the Timotel portfolio acquired in 2003

EBITDA x 2 between 2003 and 2007

The portfolio of 15 Timotel brand hotels (2 and 3-star) in Paris (850 rooms) was sold to the LFPI Group. It was acquired in 2003 with the investment bank Lazard through an LBO, with its financing structured by Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank (CA CIB).

This sale was based on a doubling of EBITDA thanks to a combined asset optimization and commercial development strategy. The Timotel portfolio continued to be managed for LFPI through to 2008.

The internal rate of return of the Timotel operation is greater than 35% over 2003-2006.

Antoine de Bouchony



First divestments for the CHF fund created in 2008

in partnership with Chequers Capital

In partnership with Chequers Capital, Laurent Lapouille and Antoine de Bouchony supported the creation of the CHF venture capital fund. From 2008 to 2012, they built up the fund’s portfolio, acquiring nineteen 3 and 4-star hotels in France (920 rooms). They were responsible for both asset management and operational management.

From 2014, the managers structured and oversaw the divestments. On a unit basis, these sales were carried out over 36 months.

In a delicate economic situation and low interest rates, the IRR of FCPR CHF, whose last sales took place in 2017, is above 15% between 2008 and 2017.

Laurent Lapouille



Creation of the investment management company

Hôtel Investissement Capital

Authorized by the AMF, the French Financial Markets Authority (GP -15000008), it performs collective management activities.

Olivier Perret du Cray, previously a Senior Advisor with Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank’s (CA CIB) Real Estate Division, was appointed as chairman of Hôtel Investissement Capital.


First fund closed

Hôtel Patrimoine private equity fund

The investment management company Hôtel Investissement Capital finalized the raising of €38m capital for its first fund, the Hôtel Patrimoine private equity fund, with professional investors.

Launching of the label

Happyculture Collection

With the Happyculture Collection label, the customer experience is positioned at the heart of hotels’s operational strategy. Enthusiastic and expert team, stylish venues, outstanding quality of service, free high speed wifi, opportunities for sharing and roaming services are at the origin of its success.


Honotel MDO created

With the launch of Honotel MDO, its operations monitoring specialist,  the Group has further strengthened its range of expert services with a view to supporting its partners – institutional investors, fund managers and private wealth – throughout all the phases in their investments.


Deployment of Honotel MDO

156 hotel assets monitored

Two years after being created, Honotel MDO provides operational monitoring for 156 hotel assets (12,500 rooms) across multiple brands in France, Spain and Italy for both institutional investors and the Group.

Launch of a new fund

Cap Hospitality private equity fund

For its new fund, the Cap Hospitality private equity fund, the investment management company Hôtel Investissement Capital has already raised €35m of capital, with half from institutional investors. This fund, focused on short and medium-stay hospitality, acquired the premises and business of 2 midscale assets in Lyon (250 rooms).