Our business expertise
is opening up the hospitality industry for you

Hospitality is an asset class that has attractive prospects, but requires very specific expertise to succeed, and Honotel is able to offer a complete range of expert services to support all the phases in the investment strategies of its partners: institutional investors, fund managers and private investors.

Built around hospitality and hotel investment advisory, operations monitoring and operational management services, this range of solutions benefits from the industry expertise of Honotel’s founding managers, with a track record of over 100 successful investment operations since 2001.

Complete range of services
for successful hospitality and hotel investment


Capitalizing on its rational approach to the hospitality sector, Honotel Développement enables its partners to benefit from its expertise for hotel investment operations.

Operations monitoring

Honotel MDO is the missing link between institutional investors and the operator. Single point of contact of the hotel operator and all stakeholders involved in the valuation of an asset, Honotel MDO discharges investors of all operational issues.

Operational management

In a complex environment, Honotel Développement provides its financial partners with its hospitality and hotel operator expertise for a yield-driven management approach.